Met Police HR department celebrates achievements

Metropolitan Police HR director Martin Tiplady has hailed his department’s achievements over the past 12 months a success.

He told attendees at a celebratory event earlier this week that the force had increased the diversity of its ground forces, introduced training programmes to improve job performance, and made improvements in leadership following the Morris Inquiry in 2006.

Tiplady said the past year was “one big highlight”. “This was probably the best 12 months in the past 12 years,” he said. “Tonight’s a celebration of the contributions, both internal and external, that have got us to this point.”

Referring to the HR transformation programme that will see the Met shed a third of its jobs in 2008, Tiplady added: “We’ll be going through a lot of changes over the next year. As long as everyone provides the same quality work as this past year, we’ll be fine.”

The Met Police was voted 25th in the Times’ Top 100 Graduate Employers for 2007, and finished second place in the Pink Paper’s Employer of the Year 2008.

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