Mixed reaction to NHS pay rise

Government’s nurse salary sweetener received with scepticism in the
occupational health sector

The profession broadly welcomed the above-inflation rises in nurse’s pay announced
last month, in particular the extra amount awarded to senior Grade E staff

But RCN general secretary Christine Hancock warned that short-term solutions
would not work. "This award will only help to keep these nurses in the NHS
if the real-term increases are continued year-on-year," she said.

And SOHN chairwoman Kit Artus, raised the fear that health authorities would
find themselves "robbing Peter to pay Pauline". "It would be sad
to see the effect on the NHS if it was having to cut back in other vital areas
in order to fund these pay rises," she said.

Artus also warned that OH professionals within the NHS might find their
workload increasing if the levels of stress and consequent sickness absence soared
as a result of the extra pressure such cutbacks would place on staff.

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