Modules further EU funding path

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) has commissioned a set of
online learning modules for regional Government Offices (GO). They are designed
to help the offices, which represent all of England’s regions, to administer
European Structural Funds in their areas. The funds will assist parts of the EU
that compare unfavourably with its average prosperity levels.

They are being rolled out to all nine offices across the UK, including GO
North East and GO South West, and are being designed and produced by Trainer1
through the Faraday Partnership, the executive coaching and consultancy and
development company.

The online induction sets out operational and financial procedures and is
delivered via an intranet. "These modules are a novel way to disseminate
combined learning and performance support tools, through your computer,"
explains Trainer1 managing director, Neil Lasher. "As such, this may mark
the start of a new manifestation of combining e-learning, performance support
and knowledge management."

Lasher goes on to explain that the modules are designed to be entirely
intuitive. "People can go through it and learn or else dip in and out as
and when they need to."

The first module has been tested by the Government Offices using five
criteria: IT user-friendliness, detail and accuracy, plain English and
simplicity, layout and design and fit for audience. Feedback was positive in
all areas and it was due to go live in May.

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