More airport gloom after collapse of talks to avert fuel workers strike

ditch talks between the Transport & General Workers Union (T&G) and
management at AFS, which provides refuelling services for airlines at Heathrow,
broke down last might and a planned two-day strike looks set to go ahead. 

dispute over pay and conditions will hit the airport at the end of the week,
with Friday and Saturday earmarked for industrial action.

T&G said the 40 AFS drivers required high skill levels in a dangerous
environment as they deal with huge quantities of aviation fuel and this is not
reflected in remuneration and pensions arrangements.

Hall, negotiator for the T&G, said management’s refusal to listen to union
demands meant they were back at square one.

strike will affect 40 airlines flying out of Heathrow including British
Airways, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, United and Air Canada.

nearly 600 workers at Servisair
in Gatwick could strike this Saturday after talks between the T&G and the
company were adjourned last night.

dispute is over working conditions for baggage and cargo handlers, loaders and
maintenance staff.

By Michael Millar




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