More jobs to go in telecoms sector

Telecoms giant Ericsson is to cut 1,200 jobs in the UK and a
further 2,100 jobs in Sweden in a bid to cut costs.

In a separate development Nokia announced 400 job cuts in
its broadband Internet division in Helsinki.

Ericsson’s job cuts are part of a broader strategy to cut
£136 million a year from next year.

In the UK mobile phone production will be terminated at
Ericsson’s plants in Carlton and Scunthorpe, from the third quarter of this

“In today’s uncertain state of the economy with negative
signals, Ericsson must react and we are now taking the necessary measures. We have
to drive efficiency much harder with the dedication to become more competitive
than ever before,” said Kurt Hellstrom, president and CEO of Ericsson.

By Ben
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