More than 1,500 manufacturing jobs are lost per week

27,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector – more than 1,500 every week – have
been lost so far this year, according to the latest survey produced for the GMB

figures reveal that 8,000 were lost in April – the largest monthly job loss
total since August 2003. The North East has been the hardest hit region so far,
with 4,153 job losses this year, with more than half announced last month.

Curran, GMB general secretary, said: "The crisis in manufacturing
continues. We must have proper and real engagement from Government – it’s just
not good enough for them to continually blame the ‘global economy’.

time that the Government introduced a coherent industrial policy that addresses
the long-term issues facing manufacturing, with more intervention, more
investment and better skills at its heart."

By Mike Berry

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