Most UK firms guilty of sex discrimination

new survey claims that more than eight in 10 companies are guilty of sex
discrimination, but most staff are willing to hit back with tribunal action.

study on sexism by employment lawyers Peninsula shows 82 per cent of UK
companies could find themselves before a tribunal on the grounds of sex

survey polled 957 female employees across a wide range of industries within the
UK and found:

you ever felt discriminated in the workplace against because of your gender?

Yes      82%    
No       18%

you ever had a male co-worker or management tell you a joke that was sexist?

Yes      58%
No       42%

you ever received e-mails that could potentially be sexist, no matter whether
the e-mail was sent as an innocent joke?

Yes      74%
No       26%

you aware that you could take your employer to a tribunal and win compensation
for sex discrimination?

Yes      76%
No       24%

you ever consider taking your employer to a tribunal, if the harassment
bothered you?

Yes      78%
No       22%

By Quentin Reade

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