Most workers don’t mind Mondays

Monday blues might be a thing of the past, following a new survey which found that only one in 10 Brits truly hate them.

A poll of 5,000 of people conducted by job site found that 28% of respondents actually look forward to Mondays, while three in 10 regard them as just another day.

Those respondents with a dislike for Mondays blamed their jobs, or a dislike of their bosses.

A third of workers said that a new job would improve their Monday mood, while 20% wanted more money. Just over one in 10 wanted an extra hour in bed to sleep off the weekend excess.

Two-thirds of respondents said they thought about work during the weekend, with an even split between those who believe it ruins their Sunday afternoons and evenings.

Martin Warnes, operations director at Reed, said: “It is very interesting that a third of respondents were completely ambivalent to Mondays. This could be linked to the fact that in today’s competitive economic climate, many people are working such long hours, including the weekends, that for them Monday really is just another day.

“For those who are unhappy, however, the dread of Monday mornings is very real, and in some cases is affecting sleep patterns and health.”

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