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Martin Tipley: director of HR at the Metropolitan Police

Publications The HR press and The Sunday Times are my must reads.
Apart from the news the latter has some excellent coverage for HR – more than
most people recognise. My daily reading matter is usually The Telegraph though,
to be honest, I mix around with the daily newspapers sometimes buying The
Guardian or The Independent.

Books I read mostly in traffic jams or on holiday and the management
guru essential reading is a real old stager: anything by Charles Handy who,
despite his years, still makes so much sense. Outside of work a personal
favourite is Roy Hattersley, whose Yorkshire Boyhood and Who Goes Home are
classics. More recently, his book Blood and Fire, about the founder of the
Salvation Army, was excellent. A recent engaging read and with some useful
insights is The Professor – the story of Arsene Wenger (showing my footballing
preference there).

TV I don’t have much time for TV and frankly it’s all pretty
unimpressive. Question Time or London Reporting are both useful but mainly I
watch it for the sport and Arsenal in particular.

Radio Radio 4 in the car travelling to work is a must and I sometimes
flit into Classic FM or 97.3 news.

Ads Just look at some of the new Met recruitment adverts because they
really are top drawer!

Internet Nothing regular

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