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Kevin Hogarth, director of international resourcing at Capital One

Publications I usually read Sunday papers especially The Sunday Times
and the Observer business sections. I find these give me a summary of the key
business issues of the past week and also preview the issues likely to arise in
the week ahead. There are also a number of interesting case studies of
businesses or business leaders. I find it difficult to find the time to read a
daily paper so tend to pick up business news from the radio – Wake Up to Money
on 5Live and Today Business Report on Radio 4.

Books The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey) is well
written, easy to read and full of sensible ideas. The Paradox of Success (John
R O’Neill) was very thought-provoking and especially useful for anyone involved
in working with individual executives or executive teams. It is also good from
a personal development, renewal and work-life balance perspective. I have read
lots of Handy’s books and I think The Empty Raincoat is the best. Human
Resource Champions (Ulrich) – is pretty much the key HR guru so I get no prizes
for originality but is always worth reading or re-reading. Now Discover Your
Strengths by Marcus Buckingham is a refreshing look at how we can improve our
performance and that of the people who work for us by concentrating on what we
do well.

TV I don’t get much time to watch TV and don’t really watch any
business programmes as I get all the information from the radio.

Radio 5Live and Radio 4 are indispensable.

Internet I use the internet more than any other media for information
and news and some of the main sites I visit are,,,
mckinseyquarterly,, and

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