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Paul Mosson, director of HR at Dewar’s


The Guardian, Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Glasgow Herald – I also
like reading the tabloids, such as the Scottish Daily Record and The Sun as
this gives me a different perspective, and helps me to understand what’s really
topical for the majority of the population. In terms of magazines and journals
I read Personnel Today, People Management, Strategic HR Review, and The
Psychologist. These are good for what is current and happening within HR. One
of the things that would be really useful is an international HR journal that
was able to give us a more cosmopolitan feel and information as in my opinion
the current HR periodicals are a bit too ‘domestic’.


I’m quite a heavy reader. On the HR front, books I have enjoyed and helped
me in some of my thinking have been Bruce Tulgan’s Winning the Talent Wars, The
HR Scorecard by Becker, Huselid and Ulrich, Tomorrow’s HR Management by Ulrich,
Losey and Lake (eds). The 5th Discipline by Senge. What I’ve found really
thought-provoking has been Funky Business by Ridderstrale, and Nordstrom – this
is so well-written and entertaining, and it conveys some pretty heavy messages
such as business and the world will never be the same again, how values are
changing the impact of technology, and the new society which is evolving. I
also read widely on transactional analysis and psychotherapy.


Sky News, BBC News 24, Bloomberg, and CNN are indispensable. I love this
easy access to information, debate and features. This helps so much in terms of
content and also reminds us of the truly global nature of the economy.


For information: Radio 4. I listen to this when driving to and from work. I
also listen to Radio Scotland to keep me up to speed with what’s happening in
my own backyard; Radio 3 is excellent for stimulating the creative side of the


Use of this is constant: is truly excellent, I also use Monster,
totalJobs, and Sky. This has revolutionised how we work and get information.

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