NATS faces strike action over executive bonuses

National Air Traffic Service (NATS) is facing up to the threat of industrial
action after executives received large bonuses despite problems within the

were angry to discover that a former deputy chairman and the CEO received
payments after the organisation’s move to new headquarters was plagued by
delays and staffing, recruiting and computer problems.

Luxton, national secretary at Prospect, said the controllers felt they had been
misled over the move to Swanwick and were looking into the legality of a

Semple, a former deputy chairman, received £250,000 after his role disappeared
on privatisation, although he joined the new board the next day. CEO Colin
Chisholm was awarded a £62,000 bonus for the opening of Swanwick.

said any strike would be wholly unjustified and the payments were part of a
contractual agreement.

By Ross Wigham

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