New fair reward system will cost more than £4m

Introducing a new pay and benefits system that ensures equal pay could cost
Education and Learning Wales almost £4m over three years.

But Steve Martin, chief executive of the organisation, believes it will
increase recruitment and retention of high-quality staff, and create
transparency and openness.

Development of the system began in February 2001, and required the
evaluation of more than 370 job descriptions.

Now there are clearly defined pay scales, with planned incremental steps in
each scale.

The system makes sure that staff with acceptable performances step up within
their scale, while outstanding performers gain additional progression.

Martin said developing a harmonised structure was hard work, and performance
reviews need to be managed tightly.

He told conference delegates that if they want to tackle the gender pay gap,
they must be prepared to spend.

"It costs, you can’t do it for nothing," he said.

Education and Learning Wales incorporates the National Council for Education
and Training for Wales and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, and
employs around 600 staff.


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