New grants will help nurse recruitment

The Royal College of Nursing has welcomed the Government’s
plans to spend £168 million over the next three years on a package of golden
hellos and loyalty bonuses to attract staff.

Nurses coming back to the NHS will get a £1,000 grant to
help with their costs while they complete a 12-week refresher course.

Alan Milburn, the health secretary, also outlined that trainee
nurses will get a 10.4 per cent increase in bursaries, a sum that adds £500 a
year to the income of the average student on a diploma course.

The inducements are intended to help the NHS achieve its
targets of 20,000 more nurses by 2004.

RCN General Secretary,
Christine Hancock, said, “
For many nurses, the only thing preventing
them returning to nursing has been the lack of financial support while they’re
on essential return to practice courses. Providing £1000 for each nurse will go
a long way towards addressing this.”

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