New product update

Systems is using Softworld HR & Payroll, at ExCel in London on 26-27
February, and Eastenders’ Todd Carty, aka Mark Fowler, to launch its Orchard
Payroll product (if you are struggling with the link, you’re obviously not a
soap fan: Fowler plays a greengrocer). Orchard comes in ‘three flavours’ says
Snowdrop: ‘Orchard Hosted’, where the payroll product is accessed on the
internet via an ASP; ‘Orchard Bureau’, where the client outsources the payroll
process entirely to Snowdrop; and ‘Orchard’, where the product is installed
directly on the client’s IT system. Free apples, oranges and pears will be
available on Stand 250 so get yourself down there.

Individual teams within large organisations can create and administer their own
internet portal without any technical knowledge using Auxilium’s ‘Community
Builder’ software. Typically, users can post content such as FAQs (frequently
asked questions), product descriptions, proposal drafts and sales plans, as the
portals are designed to disseminate knowledge and information to a group with
common interests. ‘Revenue Builder’, for instance is configured to support
sales and marketing teams while ‘Loyalty Builder’ is designed to support
customer service and technical support teams.

PeopleSoft is introducing four new products for its HRMS suite. They include
‘ePerformance’, which aligns all employees with an organisation’s goals and
objectives; ‘Help Desk for Human Resources’, which offers a 360-degree view of every
employee’s case history; and ‘Mobile Time Management’, aimed at those employees
that connect to their time reporting systems remotely. ‘Global Payroll’,
meanwhile, administers and consolidates pay information across multiple
geographic boundaries and workforces on a single database.

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