New starters are already looking to move

One-third of
employees are job-hunting on their first day in a new job, research claims.

The report, Itchy
, by career consultants Penner, Sanders and Sidney, says that employees
say they would stay with a business if they were developed and valued through
internal promotion, better training and greater recognition.

But 41 per cent
of the 1,000 people surveyed said their employer showed no interest in finding
out what they wanted from their careers.

The report says
that half of employees are loyal to their careers, not their employer, and that
four out of 10 employees do not expect to be with their current employer in 12
month’s time.

Robert Ingram,
Vice President of HR at Cap Gemini, Ernst and Young said it was sad to see how
many people feel dissatisfied with their employer.

“Good employers
can make a positive difference to retention by listening to their employees and
creating an environment in which they can achieve their ambitions without the
need to move on,” he said.

Key tips for

The report
recommends that organisations:

● Develop
a good retention policy
● Have good internal communication
● Understand the needs and aspirations of your staff
● Construct jobs that challenge individuals
● Set clear objectives and goals for employees
● Employees value recognition for their contribution

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