New time management software set to increase productivity

A new cloud-based time management tool designed by Stockport company Bramhall Software, claims to be able to actively facilitate and streamline business processes, directly contributing to an organisation’s overall productivity and profitability.

Targeted towards both private and public sector businesses, TimeEaz has combined multi functionality with the end user appearance of a spreadsheet, to reduce training required and encourage employees to use the product.

 As with traditional, paper-based spreadsheets, employees can record their own attendance times.  In addition however, they can also detail time spent on specific projects or activities, with any positive or negative attendance carried forward, week on week – useful for any office which carries out a flexi time scheme.

Managers have the ability to access live employee time sheets at any time, encouraging honest, accurate reporting.   TimeEaz’s reporting functionality means that managers can also produce customised reports in seconds, discovering whether they’re currently over or under resourced; and detailing productivity or profitability information by employee and project.

Beginning life as a prototype within the realms of the University of Manchester for a north west local government office, TimeEaz is a management information system which gives an instant bird’s eye view of profitability and productivity at organisation, client, project, department and even individual level.

 Director Ali Karami says:   “There are a number of software brands currently on the market which are designed simply to record employee attendance.  However, due to their complex nature and relatively high cost, we were instead commissioned to create fast, inexpensive, ready and easy to use software which would not only record time quickly, easily and efficiently but respond to managers’ needs to access productivity and profitability information, too.  TimeEaz can provide an instant snapshot of an organisation’s operations, giving quantifiable evidence to support any decision to make specific, significant changes”.

TimeEaz is securely accessible from anywhere, 24 hours a day and requires only a web browser.

Pricing is allocated on a per user per month basis and includes all maintenance, support from its UK headquarters and upgrade costs.  No additional IT resource is required and users can be quickly trained using the brand’s short instructional video.

Bramhall Software offers a money back guarantee.  For the duration of the launch period, it is also offering a two months free trial, with a special offer of £1 per user per month for 10 months after that time.

For further information contact Bramhall Software on 0845 474 7568 or visit

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