NVQ code to check the checkers

have welcomed the new National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) Code of Practice
published by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

code is designed to strengthen the value of NVQs and their link with national
standards of occupational competence, safeguarding high standards and
consistency of assessment and awarding.

CBI’s director of human resources policy, Susan Anderson, said: “NVQs are very
popular with employers because they measure the ability to do the job. Both
employers and employees want qualifications that are meaningful and that
requires high standards and consistency from the awarding bodies.”

McAllister, deputy chairman of QCA and chairman/managing director of Ford Motor
Company said: “The publication of the code of practice marks a significant
milestone in our shared efforts to secure the highest standards in National
Vocational Qualifications across sectors and awarding bodies. The arrangements
will build public confidence in accredited qualifications across the national
qualifications framework.”

NVQ Code of Practice also provides the basis on which the regulatory
authorities will monitor the performance of awarding bodies. From 1 September
2002, all awarding bodies will be expected to ensure that they, and any centres
they have approved to deliver NVQs, comply with the NVQ Code of Practice and
The Common Code (which was introduced in September 2000 and applies to all
accredited qualifications ).

QCA NVQ Code of Practice is available at www.qca.org.uk/nq/scripts/nvq_code_of_practice_2001.pdf

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