Office workers yearn for flexible career change

majority of office workers are frustrated, stressed and yearning to swap their
desk jobs, according to new research.

third of those surveyed by vocational awards body City & Guilds said they
were looking to change jobs, with one in five wanting to work outdoors.

people most likely to want a switch are employed in the media, engineering or
pharmaceutical industries.

& Guilds said a "radical change" was taking place, with employees
looking for jobs that offer more flexibility. Stress and frustration created by
too many administrative hold-ups were cited as key reasons for people wanting a

survey of 1,000 workers indicated that many wanted to work for themselves, with
a sizeable proportion keen on a job in gardening or farming.

survey also found that the longer a person had been in a job, the more likely
they were to want a career move.

half those questioned who had been in their current role for more than 10 years
wanted to switch occupation.

By Mike Berry

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