OHA awarded £4k to study effects of alcohol

An OH nurse has won the prestigious Florence Nightingale travel award to
enable her to investigate the effect of alcohol on employees.

Marisa Stevenson, an OHA with Axa PPP healthcare, won the £4,000 award for
her plans to investigate the effects of alcohol on the workplace. She will now
travel to Australia to visit the University of New South Wales to study
research carried out at its School of Community Medicine.

Following the four-week study tour, she will begin her own research project
in the UK, and aims to focus on two Scottish councils.

"My study is to look at whether intervention has any long-term effect
on people who identify themselves as heavy rather than dependent
drinkers," said Stevenson.

The award was determined by a panel interview where candidates had to
describe the research they planned to carry out and why they had chosen a
particular location for their study tour.

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