Oil and gas employers must change recruitment practices

oil and gas industry needs a long-term recruitment strategy to attract younger
workers to the sector, a new report claims.

poll of 869 of the sector’s employees – by TMP Worldwide – shows that more than
a quarter of the industry’s staff have worked in the industry for more than 20
years and 25 per cent for between 16 and 20 years. This compares to 7 per cent
who have worked for less than two years.

out of 10 workers said they believe that the industry is ‘boom and bust’, which
leads to a hire-and-fire policy.

reports concludes that if this is the case, then the industry must change its
recruitment practices if it wants to attract younger workers to the sector.

calls on oil and gas employers to promote the industry as dynamic and
challenging with diverse career opportunities – as described by more than half
of the respondents.

fear the sector is seen as an irresponsible, unfriendly, dangerous industry,
exploiting natural resources, with no long-term future. 

Austin, business development director at TMP Worldwide, said: "Our research
draws some very clear conclusions about the oil and gas industry, both in terms
of the perceptions of insiders and outsiders and attracting new recruits.

these findings we can see that there is a need to make this industry more
appealing by drawing on its dynamism and technological advances.

cross-industry long-term recruitment strategy is also needed to redress
imbalances. Our figures show 25 per cent of personnel have more than 20 years
experience, putting oil and gas in an enviable position compared to most

with only 28 per cent of respondents getting involved in the energy sector at
university, we need to think hard about capturing talent earlier. We hope these
results will provoke employers to take a more far-sighted approach to

By Paul Nelson

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