Older managers are an asset in the workplace, says report

The stereotype of experienced staff being unable to embrace the latest that technology has to offer has been exposed as a myth in a report released today.

The business guide, called Interim Management, shows that older managers are not only well aware of the technological revolution, they are also making full use of it themselves.

“Grey hairs may be seen as a disadvantage in the permanent world, but in interim management the ‘been there, done that’ factor is a huge asset,” said Bill Penney, managing director of consultants Ashton Penney, which produced the report with the CBI.

“Interim managers are ahead of the game when it comes to technology and see it as a critical component of competitiveness. Their experience, the ability to absorb large quantities of information quickly and the gravitas the credibility that they bring to the party makes them a formidable force,” he added.

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By Catriona Marchant



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