Oldest employee will be 104 on Christmas Eve

The UK’s oldest worker is celebrating his 104th birthday on Christmas Eve.

Jim Webber, a retired farmer, has spent the last 20 years working at the New Inn pub in Stoke Abbot, Dorset, as a gardener.

Webber, a great grandfather, said people’s attitudes to work had changed dramatically since he was young, the Guardian  reports.

“It’s very much different today than what it was then. We had to work then, but now they please themselves whether they work or not. We had to earn a shilling to help with the home. There wasn’t the money about as there is now,” he said.

The centenarian gardener works for a self-imposed wage of just £3 per hour and labours for up to five hours a day in the summer.

But Webber said he would not be working on his 104th birthday as it falls on a Sunday, his day of rest.

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