Online careers search converts secure new jobs

Almost a third of online jobseekers have successfully found a position via a
jobsite finds the latest study of online recruitment.

The National Online Recruitment Audience Survey also reveals that the
average user visits at least five sites when looking for a job.

The average online jobseekers is 33 years old, has nearly 12 years work
experience since leaving education and last started a new job four years ago.

A quarter of online jobsite users are unemployed, 42 per cent in full-time
employment, 12 per cent work part-time and 8 per cent are in full-time

The study, based on some of the main job sites from October to December
2002, also reveals that 40 per cent of jobseekers use online sites to make
salary comparisons, 40 per cent to find out about potential employers, 31 per
cent to obtain information about their sector and 28 per cent to actively
manage their careers.

Tim Elkington, managing director of Enhance Media, which carried out the
study, said the information would invaluable to recruiters when selecting job
boards and would help advertisers get a better response."

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