Online Conflict Calculator shows organisations the true cost of their workplace conflict

Do you know how much conflict is costing your organisation? Conflict in the workplace costs British businesses £33 billion a year, every year. But the big question for HR professionals is how much of that cost is shouldered by your organisation? £10,000? £20,000? 

As the UK’s leading conflict management experts, People Resolutions is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive online Conflict Calculator.  This simple and easy to use calculator takes just 10 minutes to complete and will give you a rounded and comprehensive view of the cost of workplace conflict to your organisation.  Furthermore a full breakdown of the individual causes and costs, along with recommendations on how to reduce them, is also available to organisations that complete the calculator.

As experts in conflict management with over 11 years’ experience, People Resolutions always recommends that, before companies attempt to address conflict within their organisation, they first step back and take a look at the overall cost.

This exclusive and effective tool is a must-have for HR professionals looking to tackle conflict within their organisation and is the first step towards reducing conflict and achieving a more collaborative workforce.

To find out the cost of conflict for your organisation, go to or call 0800 6125 110 for further information.

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