Online survey could be key to unlocking SME myth

online survey has been launched by Cranfield School of Management to
investigate the level and nature of innovation among small and medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs).

Burke and Dr Adegoké Oké are leading the research, which they hope will help
resolve conflicting views on the issue.

said the assumption is that SMEs are more innovative than larger companies
because of their agility, flexibility and entrepreneurial management style, but
that may not be true.

studies suggest that it is in fact big companies that are the more innovative
because of the larger resources they can afford to invest in research,
development and introducing new products and services," he said.

expect to be able to shed some light on these opposing views and also think the
survey will provide some food for thought in considering innovation and how
best to manage it."

complete the survey (it will take about 15 minutes), go to,
and click on the ‘Innovation Research Survey’ icon. The website will remain
live until December.

can receive a summarised set of survey results at the end of the research to
compare their business with the overall situation.

By Quentin Reade

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