Only one-third of human resources employees are happy in their jobs

Only one-third of human resource (HR) employees are happy in their current jobs, research has found.

The Happiness at Work Index survey, conducted by recruitment consultants Badenoch & Clark, found that 37% of HR respondents are actively looking for a new job.

The survey of 1,000 office workers found that the same group of professionals also believe they are the most underpaid, with 42% believing they are being paid less than the average salary for their role.

Neil Wilson, managing director at Badenoch & Clark, said: “Salary is vital for many workers, and the thought that you are being underpaid for a job can be very demotivating. These findings show that people need to look around and do some research to ensure they are being paid a fair salary for the job they are doing.

Half of all respondents said they were looking for new opportunities, while almost 20% actively sought a new job while continuing to be employed in their current role. For HR repondents, this figure went up to a quarter.

“Workers looking for new employment are often likely to be job-searching while at work, meaning they are less productive and disengaged in their day-to-day job,” he added.

And about 13% of all respondents said they never receive feedback on their performance from their boss, despite almost half describing their bosses as supportive.

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