Opening needle-stick injuries to debate

A parliamentary Bill to give healthcare and public sector workers greater
protection from needle-stick injuries has been introduced by a Labour MP.

Crawley MP Laura Moffatt, a former nurse, introduced the Needle-Stick Injury
Bill back in February.

The Bill calls for provision to be made for workers who come into contact
with hypodermic needles – particularly those working in healthcare where most
injuries occur – to be protected from needle-stick injuries and the infections
that can result. It is estimated that 100,000 such injuries are reported each

It also called for the better recording and publication of information about
such injuries and infections, and the establishment of standards relating to
the supply and use of equipment that carries a "significant" risk of
causing needle-stick injuries.

"It is astonishing to learn that needle-stick injury is second only to
violence and aggression as a cause of occupational injury in the NHS,"
Moffatt told the House of Commons.

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