Out-of-date IT systems stop HR staff doing their jobs

HR is being severely hindered by out-of-date IT systems, research has revealed.

Only a quarter of senior HR managers said that essential tasks, such as workforce planning and performance management were adequately supported by IT, the survey by talent consultancy Taleo showed.

Only one-third of the 100 respondents said they had confidence in the ability of their current IT systems to support recruitment and just 29% said they had sufficient systems in place to assess employee skills.

Alice Snell, vice president of Taleo Research, said having more advanced IT systems in place was essential.

“The gap between the support of administrative functions and strategic HR responsibilities needs to be addressed in order for HR directors to deliver results to the board,” she said.

“When HR directors can assess the workforce changes needed by the business, acquire and develop the talent needed to optimise the workforce, and then measure the results, their true value can be realised.”

Only one-third (32%) of respondents said that administrative functions, such as payroll, were adequately supported by IT.




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