HR Technology

Employers must be wary of laws surrounding automated decisions

Employers using AI to make decisions about recruitment and performance need to be mindful of the laws surrounding workers’ rights, it has been warned.

House of Parliament

Legislation must catch up with ‘huge shift in nature of work’

21 Apr 2021

The growth of platform working, digital monitoring and ‘epresenteeism’ poses a significant risk for people's wellbeing in work, finds Lords inquiry.

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How can HR respond if an employee has been trolling someone online?

20 Apr 2021

Employers can be held liable for workers who harass or discriminate against...

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Oven-Ready HR Reheated: Dave Ulrich, Peter Cheese and more

16 Apr 2021

Oven-Ready HR Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from Season 1. The first of two compilation episodes revisits...

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Employees look to avoid snooping employers

15 Apr 2021

About a quarter of UK employers (24%) said they would leave their job if they felt their privacy was being invaded.

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Embracing organisational agility as a CHRO: five key behaviours

8 Apr 2021

Mark Judd examines how HR teams became used to operating in a climate of continuous and unprecedented change.

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Google plans return to office from September

1 Apr 2021

Google has announced it is aiming to get more employees back into its offices from September.

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Call centre denies webcam monitoring claims

29 Mar 2021

A major call centre company has refuted claims that specialist webcams will be fitted to check up on employees while...

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TUC urges new laws to rein-in artificial intelligence

25 Mar 2021

The TUC has sounded the alarm over ‘huge gaps’ in UK employment law over the use of AI.

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How HR can use tech to support employees, rather than watch them

15 Mar 2021

Hybrid working: ‘HR and technology has a wonderful chance to change the face of work’

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Pandemic increases focus on HR technology investment

15 Mar 2021

HR technology has increased in importance during the pandemic, according to a survey by XpertHR.

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Ineffective training means tech investment wasted

10 Mar 2021

Most firms have increased overall investment in technology tools but only 27% of IT decision-makers are satisfied with their employees’ abilities to use them.

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Why data analytics is the first step to closing the gender pay gap

3 Mar 2021

Organisations already hold the data needed to inform pay equity strategies, so it's time to act on the insights this data can give.

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Eight-fold increase in leave requests after roadmap announcement

24 Feb 2021

The announcement about lockdown easing plans prompted a boom in annual leave requests.

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How technology can help as businesses face the offboarding challenge

22 Feb 2021

Digital tools can play in ensuring the ‘offboarding’ experience is well organised and communicated, writes Duncan Casemore.

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