Outside move for Sainsbury’s payroll

Sainsbury’s is outsourcing its
payroll department to cut costs and free its HR team to concentrate on core

The transfer, worth
£20m over eight years, will see 50 staff transferred from the retail chain’s payroll
department in Bromley, Kent, to RebusHR’s offices in Sidcup, six miles away.
They will receive equivalent terms and conditions.

A RebusHR spokesperson
said firms are increasingly transferring payroll to experts because it is not
their core competency.

"Payroll is
getting more and more complex, with graduate loans, working family tax credit
and different styles of work," he said. "RebusHR has its own systems
which can handle anything."

Sainsbury’s is
consulting payroll staff to address any concerns. A spokesperson said the move
had been welcomed because it presents promotional career opportunities in a
specialist field.

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