Over-65s get the right to claim for unfair dismissal

A landmark employment tribunal ruling is set to give thousands of workers
aged over 65 the right to claim for unfair dismissal and redundancy payments.

Stratford Employment Tribunal in London ruled that John Rutherford, 71, and
Samuel Bentley, 74, suffered indirect sexual discrimination when they were
dismissed from their jobs in the clothing industry for being over the age of

Their legal team from Charles Russell and Islington Law Centre argued that
there are far more working men over the age of 65 compared to women, and
therefore the cut-off point at 65 years discriminates against men.

Paul Quain, a barrister for Charles Russell, said: "This ruling, if
upheld, will give people working beyond retirement age new employment rights
and protection already enjoyed by younger workers."

Sam Mercer, campaign director at the Employers’ Forum on Age, welcomed the
ruling. As Personnel Today went to press the DTI was considering whether to
appeal against the decision.

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