Over-supply of Scots graduates devalues degrees

financial value of qualifications in Scotland has fallen by 20 per cent,
according to a survey.

British Household Panel Survey shows that since 1992, the added value of a
degree in Scotland compared with someone without qualifications has fallen by
20 per cent.

research also shows that a growing number of people are finding that an
ordinary degree no longer guarantees them employment.

despite the findings, graduates are still Scotland’s highest earners.

believe the drop in value has happened because the economy is unable to keep up
with the massive growth in the number of graduates in Scotland.

McGrath, of recruitment firm Search Consultancy, told  BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme that students north
of the border were struggling to find graduate positions.

is a glut in things like the accountancy market, marketing and some other
areas. If you look at the more generalist areas and things like history,
geography and English – where there is no definite career path – there is a
glut of graduates in that area as well."

By Quentin Reade

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