Part-time staff: law compliance

Rates of pay

• Part-time employees should receive the same hourly rate as comparable full
time employees.

• Part-time employees should receive the same hourly overtime rate as
comparable full-time employees, once they have worked more than the normal
full-time hours.

Contractual sick and maternity pay

• Part-time employees should not be treated

less favourably than full-time employees in terms of:

– rate of sick pay or maternity pay

– length of service required to qualify for payment

– length of time the payment is received.

Occupational pensions

• Employers must not discriminate between full-time and part-time employees
over access to pension schemes, unless different treatment is justified on
objective grounds.

• Calculation of benefits from the pension scheme for part-time staff should
be on a pro-rata basis of the calculation for full-time employees.

Access to training

• Employers should not exclude part-time staff from training simply because
they work part-time.


• The contractual holiday entitlement of part-time staff should be pro-rata
to that of full-time employees.

• Contractual maternity and parental leave should be available to part-time,
as well as full-time, employees.

• Career break schemes should be available to part-time employees as for
full-time, unless their exclusion is objectively justified on grounds other
than their part-time status.


• The criteria used to select jobs for redundancy should be objectively
justified, and part-time employees must not be treated less favourably than
comparable full-time staff.

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