Patients are having to wait too long to see their GP

Belays in getting an appointment with a GP can mean extra costs in time off
for employers

Nearly half the patients in England and Wales are unable to see their GP
within a day of making an appointment, a figure that rises to 78 per cent in
Scotland, according to a survey.

The study by consumers’ magazine Which? found many people were still waiting
far too long to see a doctor, even when it is for urgent conditions or

When it came to emergencies, just over half of the 1,232 people polled said
they were seen the same day, but 30 per cent had to wait at least two days and
13 per cent five days or more.

Delays in treatment, particularly when patients are referred to a GP by an
OH nurse, can be frustrating, potentially exacerbate a condition and mean extra
costs for an organisation if the employee has to take a longer period off work
as a result.

The Department of Health has set a target that by 2004 all patients in
England should be able to see a GP within two working days of calling the

The Scottish Executive has said it is working to ensure patients can get
access to an appropriate member of the primary care team in 48 hours.

People with ongoing medical conditions were less likely than those who had
not been ill over the past year to find information from their GP helpful, the
survey found.

The BMA has blamed the situation on the workforce crisis in the profession.

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