Patients heed warning on antibiotic resistance

People are becoming less inclined to pressurise their doctors into prescribing
antibiotics for conditions such as sore throats, research has found.

The survey of 100 GPs in England, Wales and Scotland for Crookes Healthcare
showed patients were getting the message that they do not always need
antibiotics. More than half the GPs had reported less pressure from patients
for antibiotics over the past two years.

And one in five (20 per cent) had noted a definite reduction in requests for
antibiotics, while 36 per cent had seen little reduction.

But nearly one in 10 said the vast majority of their patients still expected
an antibiotic for a sore throat.

The main reason for the decline was that more people were now prepared to
leave without an antibiotic.

Dr Ian Williamson, senior lecturer at Southampton University, said the
survey showed concern over antibiotic resistance continued to grow among the

But he added: "With nearly one third (31 per cent) of GPs saying that
half their patients still expect an antibiotic for a sore throat, there is
still a need for further education of patients."

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