Pay parity for women still 150 years away

It will take another 150 years for women to earn as much as men, according to research.

The pay gap is set to continue for many decades yet, according to a report by the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics.

By the age of 30, men usually earn about 20% more than women, the study showed. Even women who work full-time and do not take career breaks typically earn 12% less than their male colleagues.

The report said ineffective government policies and continued discrimination were primary factors in the ongoing pay gap.

“The problem is not that women are choosing one career rather than another. It is that they are continuing to choose family over career at some point in their life,” said report author Alan Manning.

The Women and Work Commission, set up by the government in 2004 to assess pay inequality, made 40 suggestions in its final report, which was published in March, which have been described as a “radical programme to end decades of jobs and unfairness to women”.

“Our labour market severely punishes those who sacrifice career for family,” said Manning.

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