Pensions demonstration set for June

TUC is to stage a national pensions demonstration in London this summer and is
calling on members, pensioners and workers to "take to the streets".

general secretary Brendan Barber said that politicians of all parties had yet to
appreciate the depth of the UK’s pensions crisis and radical action was needed
if large numbers of today’s workers were not to face poverty in retirement.

demonstration will take place on 19 June, when a rally will take place in
Trafalgar Square. The union would not speculate on how many people it hoped
would attend.

TUC is calling for:

the basic state pension to be linked to earnings

a new occupational pensions settlement based on compulsory contributions from
employers and employees (with special arrangements for those on low pay)

urgent action to help women who face much lower pensions in retirement,
including making it much easier for women who take career breaks to build up a
full state pension

compensation for those who have lost out in recent occupational pension fund
collapses who will not be covered by the new Pensions Protection Fund

more choice on retirement, not higher retirement ages.

By Michael Millar

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