People Resolutions shares results of UK Conflict Survey

People Resolutions, in conjunction with Human Potential Accounting, has conducted a UK survey investigating the current effect and management of workplace conflict.

With poorly managed workplace conflict costing UK businesses £24 billion every year (OPP and CIPD), we wanted to explore the extent to which organisations currently experience conflict, the impact it has on workplace performance, and how organisations attempt to control the issue through HR and managerial techniques.

From this survey, People Resolutions has produced a full report of the findings.

Click here to read the full report.

Comments on the report:

“Many HR people spend a significant amount of time dealing with conflict, and a lot of time on top of that seeking to ensure that conflict doesn’t happen or else is minimised.”

“The ET claim figures underline that this has been particularly the case during the recession.”

“Organisations that train their own in-house mediators are going to be more successful than those that rely entirely on outside providers.”

Mike Emmott, Employee Relations Adviser, CIPD

“The business case for managing workplace conflict is compelling and demonstrates that proactive organisations reap real commercial benefits. With the current pressures on both the public and private sector, it is clear that a small investment in the right training will definitely improve efficiency and increase productivity.”

Denise Keating, Chief Executive, Employers Forum on Age and Belief

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