‘People strategy’ guidance launched for councils

Employers’ Organisation for local government (EO) has launched new guidance to
help councils reflect their workforces and environments through people

people strategy determines three things: where an organisation is now, where it
wants to go, and how it is going to get there.

key element in these challenges is that they all need people to achieve them.
Currently, the missing link for many authorities is the people strategy to
address changes needed now and in the future.

executive director Rob Pinkham said: “The term ‘human resources strategy’ is
often used to describe a strategic approach to people management and
development. At the EO, we believe ‘people strategy’ better reflects the two
key aims of such an exercise. Firstly to ensure that people resources are
deployed, managed and developed in a way that achieves corporate objectives.
Secondly, that everyone in the organisation – including managers, members,
individuals, trade union representatives and HR – plays their part.”               


By Quentin Reade

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