PeopleSoft joins bottom line initiative

Software giant PeopleSoft has given its backing to a new consultancy
promising business rewards from better personnel management.

It has entered a joint promotion agreement with HR consultant Rhiannon
Chapman to sell the new enterprise, to be known as the Grow programme
(Personnel Today, 18 April).

At last week’s formal launch Liz Bailey, product strategy manager for PeopleSoft
UK, said PeopleSoft’s personnel systems can provide data such as staff turnover
or training spend, which will inform consultants working on the Grow programme.
The arrangement will give Chapman Condy – the firm set up to carry out the
consultancy – access to PeopleSoft’s 400 UK customers.

Chapman said the opportunity has arisen because personnel managers are not
equipped to deal with strategy.

"We will say to business leaders, ‘You are spending that much – are you
happy with the return? Do you want it to be better?’" said Chapman.

"Increasingly boards are starting to recognise the importance of HR,
but they do not know what to do about it. They ask HR people and they do not
understand what HR people are saying."

Personnel professionals make the mistake of trying to turn people management
into a specialist science.

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