Personnel Today on top of the world

people will go to any lengths to keep up to date with the latest HR news, but
few have been as far north as Michael McGrath, who took his copy of Personnel
Today to the North Pole last month.

is a business development consultant for executive coaching firm Performance
Unlimited . He undertook his expedition to the North Pole to raise funds for
the Muscular Dystrophy (MD) Campaign of Great Britain and has so far raised
well over £100,000..

McGrath has limb girdle muscular dystrophy which has severely reduced his
ability to walk.  He conquered the pole
at 01.23am on Saturday 20th April 2002 in a temperature of -42.

said, "Walking the last 150 metres and then standing ‘on top of the world’
in such a hostile, extremely cold, raw, yet stunningly beautiful environment is
a memory that will be with me forever."

funds raised will provide much needed improved computer equipment to
monitor the progression of people with muscular dystrophy and measure the
success of new treatments in trials across the 13 major muscle centres in the
United Kingdom.

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