Plans for reform of public services need more detail

has criticised the lack of detail in the Prime Minister’s speech on the
government’s plans to transform the public services.

Blair, during a speech in central London today, promised not to back down over
Labour’s controversial plans for reforming public services.

committed his government to implementing the right reforms to increase private
sector involvement in the delivery of public services.

TUC general secretary, John Monks, was unhappy Blair revealed no specific
details of the government’s proposals.

said, “This speech still leaves many unanswered questions. I had hoped that we
would see the debate move on to detailed programmes for each of the public
services, rather than the familiar arguments rehearsed today. We should be
talking about what is going to be done to secure the sustained improvements in
public services we need.

mood music and more specifics are needed. To do this we need urgent detailed
discussions to begin between departmental ministers and relevant unions as well
as continuing the discussions between the government and the TUC.”

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