Polar Bear Pirates by Adrian Webster

Adrian Webster gives a fantastic analogy of life populated with humorous descriptions of the types of people we encounter along our journey.

Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Reach Fat City
By Adrian Webster
Publisher: Capstone Publishing
Pages: 111, Price: £13.99, ISBN: 1841124222 Reviewed by Theresa Billings
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Lighthearted yet meaningful, it starts by setting a challenge: “If you have an idea about what you want in life, the first thing you must ask yourself is, ‘Do I really have a burning need deep down inside to go and get it?'” The next question is: “Am I prepared to move, change and keep on moving?”

This sets the scene well for any reader and its easy-to-read format and visual representations make the subject matter most accessible, easily dipped in and out of at a moment’s notice. As a bonus, the book offers interactive opportunities throughout when readers are prompted to visit the related website (www.polarbearpirates.com) which will hopefully mean that the life of the polar bear pirate will continue.

An inspirational book, it should sit on the shelf of any line manager who wants to inspire the sceptics.

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Theresa Billings is management development and training officer for Halifax Direct

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