Poor start costs business £12bn

A lack of training for new recruits is costing UK businesses more than £12bn
a year, according to research.

The Mori figures reveal that new employees are less productive than they
could be because they are receiving little or no induction training when they
start their job.

Nearly 75 per cent of the 1,000 employees surveyed believe that they didn’t
make a significant contribution in their role when they first started.

Recruitment company Newmonday, which commissioned the report, estimates this
is costing business £12bn a year.

Even after being in a job for three months, nearly 30 per cent of
respondents believe they still did not make a significant contribution. Fifteen
per cent still feel this is the case after six months.

Roderick Wijsmuller, managing director of Newmonday, believes that as work
placements become shorter employers are not viewing staff as a long-term
players in the business.

He said, "Skills are suffering as a result of poor investment in
people, who are regarded as more temporary business assets.

"British business needs to take responsibility and invest in people
though providing better training and induction programmes."

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