Poorly-handled restructuring risks loss of employees

businesses risk losing nearly half their workers because of excessive and
poorly-managed restructuring.

report aimed at identifying how workplace changes affect employees has found
that constant restructuring leaves many of them disillusioned and uncommitted.

half of those surveyed – 49 per cent – said they have considered quitting
because of constant or poorly-implemented changes. Fourteen per cent have
actually done so.

than 1,000 UK workers from executive to board level took part in the Changing
Times report, commissioned by psychology consultancy, OPP.

to 60 per cent said they feel less motivated and less committed after changes
are made in their workplaces. Poor communication, lack of consultation, and
lack of clear benefits are usually to blame.

change is intended to improve business performance, the way it’s managed must
be a priority,” says Bernard Cooke, leader of OPP’s change consultancy team.
“Badly-handled change destroys more value than it adds.”

said organisations needed to spend more time gaining the support and commitment
of workers before rushing to restructure. A well-managed change can be
something everyone feels good about.

tip Cooke had for managers was to listen to the most frequently repeated plea
from workers: ‘Be clear about why we’re going through change, and improve how
you tell us about it’.  

Paul Yandall

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