Priority shift required for sustainable high performance

A fundamental shift of priorities from cost-orientation/efficiency to added value and innovation must occur if organisations are to achieve sustainable high performance, experts have warned.

Delegates at a conference run by executive education provider Roffey Park on how to achieve transformational change through organisational development, were told of the need for new priorities.

Speakers from the US and the UK highlighted that organisations should implement trials of high-performance work environments, establish support networks for employees, influence the fundamental assumptions and beliefs of employees to achieve cultural change and recognise, nurture and reward value-based leadership.

“Organisational priorities will never change unless the ‘right’ kind of leadership is in place,” said Roffey Park chief executive John Gilkes.

“Leaders must role-model the corporate values and ‘walk the talk’ on issues such as corporate social responsibility, diversity and work-life balance practices,” he said. “They should also challenge unethical behaviour and help employees to create a sense of meaning and purpose in their work.”

The conference highlighted how organisations can create and engage a skilled and committed workforce and achieve continuous improvement, flexibility, empowerment, shared learning and innovation through organisational development.




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