Prison Service sets goals for improving workplace

Prison Service has published its first HR strategy to improve conditions for
its 44,000 staff.

consulting with its staff for two years, the Prison Service identified four
goals that the strategy will attempt to achieve.

service is introducing the HR strategy in a bid to boost the performance of its

scheme will focus on delivering professional HR, developing staff, rewarding
good work and managing bad performance and improving the workplace.

Hadley, director of personnel for the Prison Service, said, “The HR strategy
will improve the way we employ and manage our staff. The Prison Service is
critically dependent upon its staff.

will expect to demonstrate a strong commitment to the aim, objectives and
principles of the service and to respond flexibly to new challenges.

must provide strong leadership, effective planning and management of
performance, a safe working environment, an open non-discriminatory culture,
recognition and development and effective personnel services.”

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