PSL develops new test for administrative and supervisory roles

PSL, the assessment specialist, has developed a new range of  online verbal and numerical reasoning tests specifically to help organisations make decisions about recruiting and/or developing candidates who are educated up to and including A-level or equivalent standard.

Called Infinity General Ability, the two multiple-choice tests complement PSL’s portfolio of online psychometric assessments for managers and graduates.  Candidates access and complete the tests via the Internet.  To reduce any possibility of cheating, candidates are presented with different sets of items on both tests, yet the candidate scores can all be compared equally.
“As one of the UK’s leading providers of online psychometric tests and questionnaires, we’ve developed these general assessments to help organisations evaluate a candidate’s literacy and their ability to understand and work with numbers in work-related scenarios,” said Ian Newcombe, PSL’s Product Development Director.  “The tests will be particularly useful for sifting applicants for administrative, clerical and supervisory positions in high-volume recruitment campaigns.”

The online verbal and numerical reasoning tests each take around 20 minutes to complete.  They can be used as stand-alone assessments or they can be integrated with applicant tracking software and administered automatically as part of an online recruitment process.  The scoring is undertaken online and candidate feedback reports are generated seamlessly. 

Test administrators need to be trained to British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A standard.  PSL provides this training free of charge to its clients.

Paper and pencil versions of the new tests, called Advance General Ability, are also available.  These are scored using software provided by PSL.

Founded in 1989, PSL provides online and paper-based personality questionnaires, ability tests and screening, selection and development tools. 

For a free catalogue of PSL’s portfolio of assessments, please call 020-8585 2345 or e-mail

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