Public apology for Silcott’s friend

A report into allegations of a vendetta by Metropolitan
police officers against a black activist has recommended he should receive a
public apology.

London’s top Asian officer, deputy assistant commissioner
Tarique Ghaffur who compiled the report, concluded that the force had been
guilty of unlawfully arresting Delroy Lindo, on three occasions and subjecting
him to racial stereotyping.

The inquiry looked at why Lindo had been arrested on 37
occasions and charged with 18 offences, even though he was only convicted of
one offence and that was overturned on appeal.

The inquiry found evidence of harassment because of
stereotyping of the Lindo family although there was no evidence of an organised
conspiracy to harass them because of their connection with the Winston Silcott

A statement issued by the Metropolitan Police said, “The Metropolitan
Police Service accepts there were a number of organisational failings during
our contact with the Lindo family and clearly we regret this. However the
purpose of the inquiry was to listen to the Lindos’ concerns and ensure that
lessons could be learnt, not just in Haringey but across the Metropolitan Police

“We hope that the inquiry’s findings will now assist us in
working towards a mediated resolution with the Lindo family as well as
providing a platform for organisational learning.”

By Ben Willmott

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